Dental Staff

Dr. Sarah Day, DDS

Dr. Sarah Day graduated in 1999 from Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago, Illinois. She started with Sweetwater Dental a few years later in 2002 and has owned the practice since 2004. Her artistic and creative abilities, combined with a love of technology in dentistry, has allowed her practice to thrive. Her top priority is to create an atmosphere where patients are confident that they are receiving a high level of care, and that they feel comfortable in the environment at Sweetwater Dental Wellness.

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Dr. Day has a deep love for the outdoors and physical fitness. She and her husband, John, spend their free time training and competing in triathlons. Their love of exercise and a healthy lifestyle keeps them busy. They spend 10-20 hours per week swimming, biking, and running. Dr. Day finished her first full Ironman race (140.6 miles!) in 2015 and has plans to race the distance again in 2016.